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At ProSpect we see ourselves as an extension of your team, working in partnership with you. Outsourcing your inspections to us means you don’t loose touch, instead you will have time to focus on your portfolio and enhance your relationship with your owners and tenants.

ProSpect Professional Inspections cover:

Periodic Inspections 

A Routine / Periodic inspection is more than just checking the property is clean and tidy – we do NOT offer a ‘housework’ inspection, whilst we check cleanliness and hygiene, our highly trained inspectors focus particularly on any potential safety hazards and repair or maintenance issues, as well as damage v’s fair wear and tear.

We have an eye for detail, we know the importance of regular Routine Inspections to show a true history of the tenancy. We know our reports are a communication tool between all parties and is used to alleviate potential bond disputes.

Mostly we know its about protecting you from liability, your Landlords and their asset and keeping your tenants safe.

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Entry Inspections 

We all know the importance of a descriptive, comprehensive and well documented Entry Inspection Report. Alleviate potential bond disputes, miscommunication and the stress this involves by utilising our independent service. Our highly trained and skilled staff will ensure the Entry Report is clear and concise, so that all parties have an agreeable understanding of the state of the property at the start of the tenancy.  Contact us for a sample report

Exit Inspections 

Prior to releasing the bond, let us conduct a thorough and comprehensive well documented Exit Inspection Report. Over the years we have learned ‘all the tricks in the trade’ and know what Tenants potentially try to get away with. Our inspectors know the importance this document holds should things need to progress to tribunal. We guarantee our reports will provide sufficient evidence to support any case. Contact us for a sample report

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase Inspections provide an unbiased, independent, professional, personalised opinion of a property for investors or Tenants looking to purchase or rent a property. ProSpect issues a report (including photographs) detailing the actual condition of the property (and any likely required maintenance) and feedback on the current tenants, the neighbourhood and Property Management. This service is often sought by property investors or Tenants who live interstate or elsewhere, or people who simply want an independent opinion on what they really need to know! Often Sales Agents recommend this service to help get that sale ‘over the line’ when dealing with interstate or time poor investors.

Pre-Settlement (Handover Inspection)

Pre-Settlement Inspections provide peace of mind to the owner / developer prior to final handover, that all building requirements have met the expected and required standards. This service highlights any defects, issues, or maintenance to satisfy clients’ monetary investment.

Our commitment is to provide you and your clients the highest quality inspections.

The ProSpect Professional Inspectors are highly trained and dedicated to be the best representatives for your brand. You will receive a detailed condition report for every property.

We are dedicated to precise documentation, and all Prospect Professional Inspections documents are admissible as evidence at tribunal.

Sample Inspection Reports

Contact us for a sample report, we love showing the quality of our work.