/Why wouldn’t I just employ an inspection clerk?

Why wouldn’t I just employ an inspection clerk?

Behind every thriving business is a team of outstanding  people. So finding the right people becomes one of the most critical aspects of running your business / department. We have outstanding inspectors and as our client, we make it our priority to get to know and understand you and your business and work collaboratively with you.

If you value your owners assets, your professional reputation and the importance of such inspections then you will know it takes a particular personality type to do this role well – to best mitigate risk to you and more importantly maintain that relationship with tenants to alleviate disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Outsourcing is a cost effective solution –

Save time and valuable dollars:

  • Advertising, screening, interviewing potential candidates
  • Recruiting, inducting, training and the paperwork involved
  • What happens when they call in sick, go on holiday or leave – you are back to where you started
  • Who monitors their safety while onsite?

We have our own vehicles saving you those associated costs including  – fuel and tolls.

We go beyond simply finding great candidates to ensuring you achieve the maximum efficiency and employee satisfaction within your team.

Our team knows the importance and requirements of inspecting properties, through years of experience working in the industry.

We have developed an extensive team of professionals that you, as our client will get the value and benefit from.



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