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Meet our CEO and Operations Manager – Corina Bailey

ProSpect Professional Inspections is the market leader in providing a high quality property inspection service.
ProSpect provides quality assurance. We have a track record of forming strong and lasting relationships built on trust, honesty and professionalism. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, working closely with you to provide the best possible service to your landlords and tenants.
We will help maintain tenancies and profitability by:

➢ Providing a thorough inspection service reporting on the current condition of the property

➢ Providing a comprehensive report, including photos and commentary on:

➢ Cleanliness & hygiene

➢ Repair or maintenance issues

➢ Fair wear and tear v’s damage

➢ Safety / hazard concerns to minimise the risk of injury to tenants

➢ Being respectful to your tenants and approach the inspection in a non-judgemental manner

➢ Providing a trained, experienced inspector who has knowledge of appropriate legislation, such as the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and The Privacy Act 1988

ProSpect specialises in inspecting rental properties. We are committed to working to a very high standard, reducing the risk to your business, landlords and tenants whilst saving you money and time, allowing you to focus on the growth of your property portfolio and business.
We welcome the opportunity to work with your team.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Quality assurance for clients of the company.
  • Focus on high quality selection of Inspectors, and continuous training in order to maintain the level of professional excellence that ProSpect has become renowned for.
  • Overseeing and maintaining the high quality of service delivery that has made ProSpect the supplier of choice in the industry.

Qualifications and Training
Real Estate Salesperson Certificate no: 3451874 (Date of issue: 1/4/2011)





The ProSpect Team


ProSpect Inspectors are selected on the basis of meeting and exceeding specific criteria.

While our Inspectors go through an intensive training program, potential Inspectors must also meet certain personality traits identifying them as suitable for the job. Some of these qualities include (but are not limited) that they:

  • Must have owned their own property
  • Must demonstrate strong attention to detail capabilities
  • Must have a good understanding of the relevant legislation
  • Will be open to ongoing professional development
  • Will arrive punctually and dress immaculately
  • Will have a reliable, clean, good condition vehicle
  • Will have excellent communication skills, be respectful to tenants and their privacy
  • Will perform a thorough inspection and provide a comprehensive unbiased report.

In order to complete the ProSpect Training Program, Inspectors must then show competencies under supervision and ‘on the job’ in identifying and detailing:

  • Wilful damage versus fair wear and tear,
  • Anticipated problems from tenant behaviour,
  • What is the responsibility of the tenant, and
  • What is the responsibility of the owner.

Mission Statement

ProSpect Professional Inspections is committed to providing a professional and specialised inspection service to the rental property industry by carrying out detailed independent and unbiased 3rd party reporting, mitigating conflict, risk, disputes and damage.

“I simply issue the Entry notice and ProSpect look after the rest. Their staff are friendly, courteous, efficient and professional at all times. I receive reports within 24hrs which allows me to act on any issues in a timely manner to the satisfaction of our clients. I would recommend ProSpect to any Property Manager who is looking to take the headaches out of inspections”.  A very happy ProSpect client.

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